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1:1 Highland VIP Coaching Session

Get personalized one-on-one coaching to learn safe and effective cross-training techniques and help you achieve your dance goals. Improve your results in strength, power, stamina and flexibility today!

Body Weight Bootcamp Workout

Are you a highland dancer looking to develop more overall strength and power in your dancing?  Fit for Reel's Body Weight Bootcamp workout was created with the goal to provide dancers with a high-energy interval and strength workout, all without needing extra equipment! 

Turnout for Reel Program

Turnout for Reel is the only turnout program that teaches the three key concepts of turnout, and helps you apply those concepts while you dance to achieve your MAXIMUM turnout abilities!  This 4-week program provides the specific steps and exercises necessary for dancers to reach their turnout goals.


ScotFIT Full Tri-Level Program - Level 1, 2 & 3

Want to improve your posture, strength and anaerobic power?  This 90-day program leads you through 3 levels of intensity in 3 key styles of fitness training for highland dancers:  Circuit training, Torso training and Strength training. 

Not a dancer?  No problem!  These workouts are also great for non-dancers to improve your strength and stamina.  All workouts provide high and low-impact options and modifications to meet the needs of all fitness levels.

ScotFIT Tri-Level Program: Level 1 Basic

Immediately begin building your fitness level with all three energizing Level 1 workouts:  Circuit Training, Torso Training and Strength Training.  The Level 1 program is great for dancers who are newer to cross-training workouts or who are starting back after an extended break from training.  

ScotFIT Tri-Level Program: Level 2 Intermediate

Take the same awesome Circuit, Torso and Strength training workouts from Level 1 of the Tri-Level Program and move into more intermediate level exercises to keep your body challenged and making huge strength and power gains!  

ScotFIT Tri-Level Program: Level 3 Advanced

Select Level 3 Circuit, Torso and Strength Training workouts for the most challenging and advanced exercises of the Tri-Level Program.  

Highland Bootcamp Workout

Want more strength and stamina for your dancing?  This workout features 3 circuits: cardio, strength, and core, with bonus high-energy hopping intervals to help your dancing! 

These circuits are designed to target not only the key muscles used for highland dance, but also the muscles commonly under trained to help reduce the risk of overuse injuries.

This video provides both high and low-impact exercise options, as well as modifications to allow dancers of all fitness levels to get an awesome workout!

Core Workout

Want the strongest abs, back and turnout muscles around? With modifications and progressions, this core strength workout is ideal for the novice exerciser to the elite dancer.

These body weight exercises (no equipment needed) will strengthen your posture and ability to control your core to maintain the best upper body through all your dances!

Pilates Workout

Based on the principles established by Joseph Pilates, this mat pilates workout targets key muscles to improve trunk, shoulder and hip stabilization. Develop long, lean muscles and improve flexibility to enhance your dancing technique!

ScotFit 3-Workout Tri-pack

Get all three ScotFIT workouts for a complete training package of exercises!  Workouts include:  Highland Bootcamp, Core Workout, & Pilates

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